PLEXTONE G20 Noise Reduction Magnet In-Ear Earphone With Mic Earphone G20 (M’sia 1 Year Warranty)


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This headset combines latest fashion and new wireless technology.
Side-mounted guide hole, double bass effect.
Memory Foam–5-8 seconds rebound effect, sound insulation increased by 8%.
Strong magnetic suction function–The earbuds can stick to each other and you can just wear around your neck.
You can adjust the volume on the earphone cable. Line length is up to 2.2m with the extension cable.
Designed to fit both ears, earphone hooks are equipped to help hold the earbuds tightly to your ear for exercises.

Color: Red, Black, Green (Optional)
Plug Diameter: 3.5mm
Plug Type: Straight Type
Microphone: Yes
Frequency Response Range: 20HZ-20KHZ
Impedance: 32¦¸ + 15%
Sensitivity: (1khz) 102 + 3DB (1KHZ)
Distortion Rate: 0.1 (%)
Headphone Cable Length: 1.6 (m)
Extension Line: 0.6 (M)
Speaker Diameter: 10 (mm)
Earbuds / Earmuffs Material: Cotton
Headphone Cable Material: TPE
Mic Frequency: 50-10000KHZ
Mic SNR: 55DB
Mic Sensitivity: (1hz) -45 + 3D
Mic Pick up: All points
Package Weight: 74g
Quantity: 1pc

Package included:
1 x Earphone
1 x Slide Wire Buckle
1 x Cable Clip
1 x Extending Cable
1 x Transfer Cable
1 x User Manual
3 Pairs x Earbud
1 Pair x Earhook
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