LDNIO LS63 1M/LS64 2M Fast Charge Toughness Data Cable (Type-C/Lightning/Micro)


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What’s in the Package:
1 x LDNIO LS63 1Meter Data Cable
1 x LDNIO LS64 2Meter Data Cable

* Depend on your choices*

Product Specifications and Features:
– 6 Times Stronger And Durabler Than The Normal Data Cable.
– Fast Charging And Light Transmission In Seconds.

– Bionic Terminal Design :
* Yhe Tip Of The Terminal Is Made In Bionicdesign. Completed More Than 30000 Folding Tests You Can Use It Longer.
– Ultra-Fast Charge And Sync :
* Easy To Achieve Lossless Fast Charging And Real-Time Fast Data Synchronization, Charging, Transmission Combo, convenient.
– 2.4A Current Charge And Sync :
* Selecting American-StandardTinned Copper Wire Core Provides Fast Charging Effficiency And Stable Data Transmission.

– Material And Design :
* Pure Copper Core
* Earth Wirre
* Aluminum Foil
* Denim Cable

Package Dimension (cm): 18 x 11 x 4
Package Weight: 0.11kg