L21 HIFI Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Headset Sport Twins Headset 3D Stereo Headphone Portable Magnetic Charging Box Earbuds


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Main Features:
The by Inside Out of double noise reduction design programme, can enhance audio and environment noise suppression
The carefree wireless experience, master-slave switch black science and technology with get with fast back to even
The effective stable connection, shielding interference high-performance low-power wireless Bluetooth 5.0 chip
The small head da jing jie, graphene high-fidelity dynamic unit professional tri-band of effect, shock sound
The 5.0 chip blessing high-speed transmission efficiency, play games lower delay clear of sound words synchronous
Comes with 350 mA large capacity, can headphones provide sufficient power in the super-length Life
The multi-channel process tight design, can effectively prevent rain sweat into headphones internal damage original.

Number: L21
Bluetooth Protocol: 5.0
Transmission Range: 15M
Channel: Stereo
Single Or Double Ears: Bilateral Stereo
Function: Power Display Voice Control Call Function Music Support, Multipoint Connection Nfc Function
Usage: Ear Plug Type

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