Bathroom Mop Hook Penyapu Penyangkut Broom Storage Rack Umbrella Stand Storage Rack Waterproof


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There are a variety of hooks in the store, the price is favorable, you can go to the store to buy.

product description:
1. Product Name: Bathroom Hook
2. Single hook packaging: opp plastic bag packaging
3. Product size: self-adhesive size 6 * 6CM, hook size picture display
4. Material: Sticker + ABS
5. Color: White, Gray, Pink, Blue

Uses: mop rack, broom rack, umbrella stand,Kitchen gadget.(More usage scope, waiting for your discovery, you can share in the comments, thanks!)

Easy to use, does not hurt the wall
Easy to install and easy to operate
Non-slip waterproof design, very durable

how to use:
1. Clean the walls you need.(Installed on tiles or glass for best results)
2. Carefully remove the back of the protective film
3. Paste it on a clean wall
4. Press evenly for about 10 seconds to squeeze the air on the surface
5. For best results, we recommend that you use it within 5-24 hours.

A single package includes: 1 mop hook