Sabah online shop

Sabah Online Shop started as one of the big projects under the Red Deer Digital company. Red Deer Digital executed this project in March 2021 with several professional team members. HQ of Sabah Online Shop located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

In the early term, Sabah Online Shop is focusing on selling gadgets and accessories. However, we are upgrading our warehouse to add various products such as clothes, households, children’s toys, and more. We want to provide all the customers’ demands in Sabah with as many as possible.


About Society

On the other side, we are running a project to help society in Sabah, which is dropship recruitment. We welcome customers or anyone interested in joining us as a dropship who wants to earn side income. Contact us for further information.

Our Service

We deliver products to customers in Sabah in 1-3 days without waiting for longer shipping days anymore. We keep ready stock products that are ready to deliver out. We can import products directly from overseas factories in bulk according to customer demands. We also allowed the customer to self-collect the product they buy from us.